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[IPk] Dreams


Thanks for speedy response. Wow if only diabetic health care manufactures were
as efficient as you !

I'm staggered at how slow progress is with diabetic health care!

We can build space stations etc etc but can't seem to make an insulin pump
that is reliable or has REAL benefits over injections.

Surely it isn't rocket science for a manufacturer to develope a pump that at
least RELIABLY & ACCURATELY monitors sugar level, relays the info to the user.
The user can then RELIABLY & ACCURATELY (heaven forbid) manually admister the

Am i the only person in the world who thimnks this?

Surely long term the cost savings of better treatment far out weigh the cost
of future extra health care....



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Hi Richard

> -The currently available pumps, are NOT capable of monitoring blood sugar
> levels and displaying the reading to the user? [yes/ no] 

no they aren't,  but the Minimed continuous glucose sensor / GLucowatch can do

this (Minimed glucose sensor doesn't give you instant feedback though, you 
have to download it later; GLucowatch still seems to be quite temperamental 
and not v reliable

> -The currently available pumps, are NOT "automatic". Ie they do not monitor
> blood sugar levels, display the sugar level reading, and automatically
> administer the correct level of insulin to bring sugar into line? [yes/ no]

no they don't, but there is work in progress in this area

> -The only benefit of the pump is that it's constantly connected to the
> user, therefore you can manually administer insulin without the need for an
> injection. [yes/ no]

that is true, but it's not the *only* benefit. There are a bunch of others, 
for example the fact that you're only using shortacting insulin and no 
long-acting insulin. Have a look on the IP-UK website for more info about the

benefits of pumping.

> -If i wanted to pay cash myself, today, for an insulin pump, it is
> impossible to buy one over the counter in the UK? [yes/ no]

You can do it but only if you have your doctor's written consent (at least, 
you can't go into Boots and pick up a pump, but you can order one from the 
pump company)

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