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Re: [IPk] Questions

Hi Richard

> -The currently available pumps, are NOT capable of monitoring blood sugar
> levels and displaying the reading to the user? [yes/ no] 

no they aren't,  but the Minimed continuous glucose sensor / GLucowatch can do 
this (Minimed glucose sensor doesn't give you instant feedback though, you 
have to download it later; GLucowatch still seems to be quite temperamental 
and not v reliable

> -The currently available pumps, are NOT "automatic". Ie they do not monitor
> blood sugar levels, display the sugar level reading, and automatically
> administer the correct level of insulin to bring sugar into line? [yes/ no]

no they don't, but there is work in progress in this area

> -The only benefit of the pump is that it's constantly connected to the
> user, therefore you can manually administer insulin without the need for an
> injection. [yes/ no]

that is true, but it's not the *only* benefit. There are a bunch of others, 
for example the fact that you're only using shortacting insulin and no 
long-acting insulin. Have a look on the IP-UK website for more info about the 
benefits of pumping.

> -If i wanted to pay cash myself, today, for an insulin pump, it is
> impossible to buy one over the counter in the UK? [yes/ no]

You can do it but only if you have your doctor's written consent (at least, 
you can't go into Boots and pick up a pump, but you can order one from the 
pump company)

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