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Re: [IPk] RE: A big MOAN

Hi Karen
I think we all take the easy option at times.
My dad still can't get his head around the fact that I don't have to have 
"enough carbs" at a meal to cover my insulin, or that I don't have to have 
*any* carbs if I don't want to, or even that I don't have to eat at all if I 
don't want to! But I've given up trying to explain to him as he just doesn't 
get it.....
I think we are all evangelists to a certain extent. My softball team certainly 
know a lot about diabetes and pumps now :-)

On Friday 18 Jul 2003 9:11 am, you wrote:
> On Thursday 17 Jul 2003 12:03, Diana Maynard wrote:
> > Hi Karen
> > It's definitely the easy option to nod and agree when you know they're
> > wrong, but I think it has to be up to us to educate consultants like this
> > and explain why testing once a day isn't sufficient, and why it would be
> > completely stupid for him to tell you what dosage changes to make on the
> > basis of your HbA1c!
> > Otherwise they're not going to learn, and some poor person who doesn't
> > know any better will believe them!
> You're right, of course, and I do feel rather ashamed for not doing this.
> Ordinarily I would, really! But I was already having trouble communicating
> with this guy because of his poor English, so I suppose I took the easy way
> out. In my defence, I would mention that 6 months previously a dietician
> uttered the words "So, I hope you eat a good Diabetic Diet" to me, and then
> learned a lot more than she was expecting to :o) When I left she was
> interested in finding out about more about pumps, so I guess that was a
> small success.
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