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Re: [IPk] RE: A big MOAN

On Thursday 17 Jul 2003 12:03, Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi Karen
> It's definitely the easy option to nod and agree when you know they're
> wrong, but I think it has to be up to us to educate consultants like this
> and explain why testing once a day isn't sufficient, and why it would be
> completely stupid for him to tell you what dosage changes to make on the
> basis of your HbA1c!
> Otherwise they're not going to learn, and some poor person who doesn't know
> any better will believe them!

You're right, of course, and I do feel rather ashamed for not doing this. 
Ordinarily I would, really! But I was already having trouble communicating 
with this guy because of his poor English, so I suppose I took the easy way 
out. In my defence, I would mention that 6 months previously a dietician 
uttered the words "So, I hope you eat a good Diabetic Diet" to me, and then 
learned a lot more than she was expecting to :o) When I left she was 
interested in finding out about more about pumps, so I guess that was a small 

I do feel like an Evangelist sometimes, though. Anybody (medico or otherwise) 
who doesn't move quickly enough will be cornered by me and told, at length, 
about how great insulin pumps are, and how much standards of care for 
diabetics need to improve. But I suspect this list is full of Pump 
Evangelists :)

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