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Re: [IPk] RE: A big MOAN

On Thursday 17 Jul 2003 11:39, Joyce Jones wrote:
> Do the consultants actually do anything? I have been using a Disetronic
> since April 03 and have had no contact with consultant, but I must say
> my pump rep/nurse has been fantastic. There is 24hr 7 days a week
> support if needed.

I agree 100 percent!

I think I rely on my consultant for his expertise on complications (preventing 
and treating them). I would not ask him for advice about dosage. Ordinarily 
he wouldn't offer, either! Now he's left and we've got locums for the 
foreseeable future, and the last one I saw took some details of my basal rate 
and bolus ratio, then told me that once he'd got my hba1c result back, he'd 
phone my GP and tell me what dosage changes to make! Luckily he's done no 
such thing (my hba1c was 6.0, anyway). But I did find myself nodding and 
smiling - I was humouring him, and he had really been no help to me at all.

Mind you he started off the consultation by making sure that I test 'at least 
once or twice a day', so my opinion of him wasn't high from the off :o) At 
least he talked me through *all* the results from my blood test, at my 
request, and explained that they were all normal for a non-diabetic, so that 
made me happy.

Basically, I talk to Disetronic for help in how to use my pump and keep my 
blood sugars right. I talk to my consultant about my hba1c and other test 
results, and about complications. It's a fairly clear separation for me, but 
I don't suppose the NHS would approve of it.

(By the way, Joyce, could you get Outlook to use ">" at the start of quoted 
lines, like the ones I've used above? In your message it was hard to see 
which bits were said by you, and which by Di. Thanks!)
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