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[IPk] RE: A big MOAN

 Sorry to hear that there was more bad news. I think our consultant is using the
"insufficient expertise
 bit" justify his stand against pumps. I cant understand all this rubbish about
the hospital not
 understanding, when the pump companies will do the training. Anyway, I have
found that when Sasha has
 been in hospital, two different ones, the level of understanding about diabetes
and how to treat it was
 abysmal and this was without pumping! If our consultant is away it's really
awful as know one knows what
to do.

  Our hospital has just been awarded 3 stars. God help the people who go to ones
with no stars.


Hello everyone

 I have just got the letter out again about the funding refusal which I posted
earlier today and I am now
 very annoyed because there are things in the letter which I had obviously
missed. I think I just read
about the refusal and didn't actually absorb anything else.

 Well, as part of the price of the pump, training comes with it. Danielle's
Consultant was asked by me if
 he was prepared to still look after Danielle if she was on a pump and he
accepted. His diabetes team
 also agreed to training on the ward if Danielle should ever be admitted. The
last time I saw them they
 told me that they were happy with the training and the Consultant had actually
told me that he was in
 favour of the pump for Danielle. The letter I have received today expresses a
concern that Danielle's
 diabetes team do not feel they have sufficient expertise to be able to initiate
treatment and to provide
 ongoing support. The letter then goes on to say that the NICE guidelines are
clear in that therapy
 should only be initiated by a trained specialist team. Does this mean now that
we are going to have to
 shift hospitals after all? I am feeling really fed up with a system of
professionals who have no
experience of living with the disease.

 MOAN over for now. Nightcap in a glass by my side. Working hard at the moment
to keep my temper under

Thanks for reading.

Mum to my little angel who "doesn't feel diabetic anymore"
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