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[IPk] RE: Funding Refused

Hi Barbara

 I am sorry to hear that you have been refused funding for Danielle's pump. If
everyone waited until
 their consultant actually prescribed a pump they might be waiting forever!! !!
It's so unfair that
 in some areas people can get pumps and other people can't. I hope that you will
be able to get funding
for the consumables which would be a great help.

 I have got Andrew's D's tape with the interview with Debbie and Jamie. Its very
good and illustrates just
 why some people need a pump. I want to show it to two friends on Friday, but
Andrew suggested that you
 might want to see it after. I will post it on to you, plus Andrew is sending me
a copy of his interview
(or was it interrogation!!!)

If you want me to pass them on to you send me your snail mail address off list.

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Subject: Funding Refused

Hello everyone

 Just letting you know that the West Cheshire PCT have refused funding for
Danielle's pump saying that it
 was not recommended by her Consultant and that the same results in health gain
could have been achieved
 using conventional methods. They did however say that they would explore
options to arrange the
continued supply of consumables.

We'll see!

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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