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Re: [IPk] Minimed - anyone interested in sharing?

Hi Joanne,

I trust that by 'the Minimed' you mean the continuous subcutaneous blood 
glucose monitor, not an insulin pump manufactured by MiniMed? If so, I might 
be interested personally! I have an appointment with my consultant on 28 
July and I was planning to ask him if I could have use of a continuous bg 
monitor for a few days. If he says there isn't one for me to use, or says 
what you have heard about the funding thing, I shall be in touch.

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years (506 1996-99; 507C 1999-)
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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Subject: [IPk] Minimed - anyone interested in sharing?
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 11:34:01 EDT

Hello all,

I have asked Sams DSN if he could haveon loan the Minimed, as his blood
sugars are so up and down, and is very susceptable to allot of hypos.  I am
concerned that his HbA1c has only come down to 9.5 from 10.

She said they would fund this, but have come accross a problem with the
company who supplies Minimed.  The Minimed itself is ok to have, but
all the equipment it comes with (dont ask me what they are, i think there 
lots of gadgets of some sort !) only comes in a box of 10. So here is the

One box caters for 10 children, but we only require one part of the box for
Sam, therefore, the other 9 parts only have a shelf life of 6 mths, and the
Company have said to Sams DSN they are not prepared to split the box for one
child (one box costs #500) and here on the isle of wight, they do not have
9 children who could benefit ( the DSN have used the Minimed on the older
children some time ago, when sam was younger).

So i was wondering, maybe it would be a good idea that if any parents were
interested in having the Minimed, and sharing the box, maybe our DSN's and
hospitals could "talk to each other", and after Sam has used it for a few
days, our
hospital could send to your DSN etc. If 10 parents are interested that would
be fantastic, and if your hospital cannot fund your child, if the box was
split 10 ways it would only be about #50 (ish) per child.  It would also be 
great opportunity if you are like us, who has a child with such irrattic BS,
least the Minimed would give us a 24hr readout of when there BS peaks and 
Hypos occur.

What do you think, sorry to ramble, I hope you all understand what I have
tried to explain !!.


Jo (mum to sam 4=) diagnosed Aug 2000 aged 17 mths
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