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[IPk] funding refused

so the PCT are still going to consider funding consumables but not giving you
a back payment for the pump?

my first thought was what a load of *@$! that similar control can be attained
by conventional mehods. But Danielle was never offered a change of regimen was
she, when you were unhappy. If her basal requirements vary markedly throughout
the day and from day to day it is very unlikely that she would get as good
control on injections, even on an intensified regimen. You really need a
consultant in the know about pumps to influence the funding decision( although
I think I remember you saying Danielle's consultant had finally said he would
write in support of funding
It sounds as though there may be some good news about consumables at least, so
those responsible for the decision are obviously still open to persuasion

I have not heard anything back re funding although the consultant made some
inquiries. Initially it was goung to be the hospital and then I had a letter
saying the LHB ( PCT equivalent( had no objections in principal. Since then- 2
months later, no further on and about to move. I will definitely be more
assertive then ( sometimes feel guilty about asking: don't know why as I found
control impossible on MDI without a lot of hypos which affected my QOL even
though no assistance was required, and variable basal requirements on pump (
not only throughout the day but from day to day)
 so not a lot of hope that lantus would work
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