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Re: [IPk] Can someone help me out please?

Hi Julian,

I think Melissa has it completely right - but also consider that you may
be dehydrated/have heat stroke - I usually have poor control if I let
myself get into that state (not that I do much now I know that the 'take
6 leteres of water into the desert' rule is a very good one, and applies
equally in Surrey on a hot day).

Best wishes,

(who never knew it _was_ possible to drink three large bottles of pop,
and never go to the loo during the day, until she went to Arizona)
In message <email @ redacted>, Melissa Ford
<email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Julian,
>It could be the heat doing you in. A lot of people find that hotter weather 
>means lower bgs. Back in the days of injections your bgs may have been 
>irregular enough that hot weather fluctuations were all in a day's work.
>If lowering your basal as much as you have lowered it already hasn't fixed 
>things (the 1.6 up to 12 pattern is not exactly what you want, I'm 
>guessing), it might be worth lowering the basal a bit more--say, 0.1u./hr 
>lower--and testing every hour. If you get a high bg from lowering your basal 
>further, a correction dose that's perhaps half of what you would usually 
>take, followed by a bg test about an hour later and then perhaps another 
>test, and, if necessary, a bit more insulin, about 30 mins. after that, 
>might help you figure out a general scenario and action plan for hot-hot-hot 
>days. Also, if you change your correction ratio, don't forget to refigure 
>your carbohydrate ratio. If you're normally on a 1u to 15g CHO ratio, you 
>might find that in very hot weather you're better off at 1u. to 25g CHO or 
>1u. to 20g CHO (or whatever ratio you discover through trial and error!). 
>Very hot weather is quite a 'YMMV' sort of thing.
>Good luck,
>IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
>Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
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