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Re: [IPk] Can someone help me out please?

Hi Julian,

It could be the heat doing you in. A lot of people find that hotter weather 
means lower bgs. Back in the days of injections your bgs may have been 
irregular enough that hot weather fluctuations were all in a day's work.

If lowering your basal as much as you have lowered it already hasn't fixed 
things (the 1.6 up to 12 pattern is not exactly what you want, I'm 
guessing), it might be worth lowering the basal a bit more--say, 0.1u./hr 
lower--and testing every hour. If you get a high bg from lowering your basal 
further, a correction dose that's perhaps half of what you would usually 
take, followed by a bg test about an hour later and then perhaps another 
test, and, if necessary, a bit more insulin, about 30 mins. after that, 
might help you figure out a general scenario and action plan for hot-hot-hot 
days. Also, if you change your correction ratio, don't forget to refigure 
your carbohydrate ratio. If you're normally on a 1u to 15g CHO ratio, you 
might find that in very hot weather you're better off at 1u. to 25g CHO or 
1u. to 20g CHO (or whatever ratio you discover through trial and error!). 
Very hot weather is quite a 'YMMV' sort of thing.

Good luck,

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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