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Re: [IPk] Is humalog being discontinued?


It's a current topic of conversation on an Australian-based site.  I don't 
know where these people got their information from, but I have asked today 
what their source was.  Hopefully someone somewhere just got their wires 

I (and a bet a fair few others!) look forward to hearing what you find out 
on Monday!



>From: "Melissa Ford" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Is humalog being discontinued?
>Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 11:32:38 +0000
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>Hi Ingrid,
>Where have you heard that Humalog would be discontinued? If the 
>information's not reliable, your source could be of great interest to 
>Lilly's legal counsel.
>Given how many people are on Humalog now and what Humalog costs (last time 
>I checked, Lilly's suggested retail price per vial was US $37, which is 
>about GBP 20; could have risen since) , I should have thought it would be a 
>really dumb move even to sell the rights to make it. Also, Humalog's brand 
>name is phoenetically similar enough to Lilly's older Humulin brand 
>insulins, which was a stroke of genius as a marketing ploy. If Humalog were 
>to need to be totally rebranded by another company, I would project that 
>confusion among pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and insulin users would cause 
>mass switches to Novorapid 'just to be on the safe side'--when the name of  
>a product changes, there's always the prospect that its composition has 
>been altered as well (even if that prospect exists only in our minds).
>Something tells me that actual news about certain concentrations or vial 
>sizes being temporarily unavailable, as Helen had heard, might have caused 
>a few people's imaginations to run wild, but I could be wrong. Companies do 
>silly things all the time! I'll make a few phone calls on Monday and let 
>you know what I hear from Lilly directly.
>Melissa (<--had management consulting interviews back in January; gets far 
>too analytical too fast)
>IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
>Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
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