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Re: [IPk] no insulin

Hi Darren,

Yes, it's normal for type 1s to have, after initial diagnosis, only a
small (injected) insulin need or no need at all.  It's also normal to
have pretty much the same need from day 1 on in (normal here covering a
wide range - just like it's normal for an adult human to be under five
feet tall, and to be over six feet tall. No-insulin-at-all is in the
'basket-ball playing' (or able to get away with wearing VAT-free kid's
clothes) end of normal, but still normal.  (In the 'normal' way that
people mean 'normal' - statisticians have a much more precise/technical

You do need to keep measuring your blood glucose, though.  Not just
first thing in the morning, but throughout the day and night (i.e. if
you measure at 7am, 2pm and 8pm one day, measure at 8am, 3pm and 2am the
next).  You may find that while your morning bg is in the normal range,
it drifts off-course during the day.  Some people would say that 3 times
a day is close to obsessive, others that less than 4 times a day is
suicidal... until you need insulin again, I'd go with whatever your team
recommended _providing_ it was at least once a day, and you vary the

Best wishes,


(dm 30+, 508 pump 2+)
In message <email @ redacted>, darren
<email @ redacted> writes
>i was diagnosed 2 months ago with type 1, had a rough time getting levels
>down, then i hit what someone said was the honeymoon period. I am currently
>talking no insulin shots at all, and wanted to ask if this is normal? My
>sugar levels are fine just byeating well.
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Pat Reynolds
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