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Re: [IPk] Pump - Doctor's Comments

> Hi everybody,
>  I would be interested to hear the comments of all you pumping
>  experts on a
> statement made by the doctor I saw at the Diabetes Clinic yesterday.
>  We were discussing my going on to a pump. (This has been decided
>  with the help
> and support of the DSN, but I think the doctor remains uncertain as
> to the merits of a pump in my case.) One of the reasons I gave was
> better and tighter control (i.e. fewer highs and lows) and,
> hopefully, a better HbA1c.
>  She made this comment, "Successive studies - including studies
>  which have been
> carried out on the same group of people over years and years - have
> proven that it is _not_ the swings between low and high that matter,
> but the _average_ (i.e. the HbA1c levels). Remember - if I tested my
> blood after lunch I could be 11.1."
>  While I can accept that this may be what studies show, is that the
>  case simply
> because the volume of studies on pump users does not yet exist? I
> know how bad I feel when I come out of a meeting with a BG of 12+.
> Given that I am in meetings/giving presentations 3-4 days a week,
> surely these regular highs _must_ have at least a long-term effect?
>  I'd be interested to hear your comments, and details of any studies
>  which have
> been done on pumpers which showed tighter control and better HbA1c.
> Many thanks,
> Graham

Do NOT accept your doctors word on what the doctor says the studies 
show. He/she is clearly poorly informed. Successive studies have 
shown UNIFORMLY that CSII improves glycemic control, lowers hbA1c and 
reduces the incidence of sever hypo's in patients of all ages from 
all over the world. Required reading for your doctor is:


the first link ---- "Recent pump studies"

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