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[IPk] doctors comments

A1c is an oversimplistic measure I am not sure whether there are many studies
looking at glycaemic excursion, but these are essentially what prevent people
from getting an even better A1c or a normal life frequent fluctuations eg from
hypo to teens are certainly dangerous and undesirable in terms of day to day

The A1c is a useful tool for doctors: if it is "bad" ie elevated , the patient
can be labelled as non compliant- needs to try harder etc If it is good it
simply absolves them from any responsibility re improving the patients
situation, even if they are hypoing on a very frequnet basis, are prevented
from living a normal life etc
A1c is important but can also be used as a cop out The doctor gets the Brownie
points but the patient is still not in control and has a compromised life
It sounds like you are quite senstive to high BGs If you still have an
excellent A1c you must be having a fair number of hypos
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