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Re: [IPk] Type A or B Diabetes - which one do you have?

hi barbara, oooh these people are so infuriating, my sister has a friend who
has poly cystic overy syndrome, she was arguing with my sister saying that
she was on insulin tablets! she didnt believe my sis when she said i was
diabetic and you cant get insulin in tablet form, cor wouldnt it be great if
you could why have ibeen injecting myself for these past 22 years!! and she
isnt even diabetic, the tablets she takes contain metformin as people with
psos are prone to type 2 diabetes and she is very overwieght, and it has
been shown that metformin can stop people with psos from becoming diabetic,
but she wouldnt have it.
 it did make me cross, my sister had lived with me and my diabetes since she
was a baby,
      love gailxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [IPk] Type A or B Diabetes - which one do you have?

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Hello everyone

Just having a moan about an annoying person who thinks she knows everything.

My daughter's friend's mum was asking me how she was getting on with her
and I told her that Danielle has a much better life on it and that it
controls her diabetes well. Then this woman (who happens to have an opinion
everything and is very two-faced with it) said "Oh, yes, Diabetics, well it
illness to do with too much sugar." After being rudely interrupted by this
woman, I carried on with, "Yes, Danielle says very often how much better she

feels....." and then my friend asked me "Are there different strains of the
then?". I was about to explain, and then this know-it-all piped up with "Oh
yes, there's type A and type B" so I said "No, it's type 1 and type 2" so
said "Well, some people call it A and B."

Mum to Danielle aged 9
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