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Re: [IPk] Funding

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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 1:43 PM
Subject: [IPk] Funding

>  Normally the NHS has a statutory responsibility for providing funding to
> implement NICE recommendations within three months. On this occassion,
> NICE advised that it would not be realistic to expect the NHS to implement
> main recomendation within tree months, since time would be needed to
assess and
> identify suitable patients and to train them in the use of insulin pumps.
> Ministers have agreed that the normal three-month period should be
extended to
> 12 months, and management guidance will be issued to the NHS in the near

INPUT has been in constant communication with both NICE & The Dept of Health
on the question of implementation of Appraisal No.57, or rather the
non-implementation, many PCT's still will not fund pumps.

The DoH issued the following statement last week.
Appraisal #57, "Guidance on the use of continuous subcutaneous insulin
infusion for diabetes" (insulin pump therapy)

NICE published guidance on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion for
diabetes on 26 February. The direction requiring the NHS to fund treatments
recommended by NICE within three months of publication of guidance has been
extended to 12 months, as it would not be feasible to train sufficient
healthcare professionals in the use of the insulin pumps within three

The NHS should, however, take over responsibility for funding the cost of
consumables and, in due course, replacement pumps for the estimated 800
established users of insulin pump therapy for whom MDI with insulin glargine
is considered inappropriate or proves to be inadequate to maintain adequate
glycaemic control.

We, together with PUMP, will be taking issue with the Dept of Health on the
reasons given in the statement. NICE Guidance stated that insulin pumps
should be provided by specialist centres whose medical staff have a
knowledge and understanding of insulin pump therapy. Those centres are in
place and the medical staff have been fully trained in pump therapy. PUMP
have trained around 450. So the DoH statement does not hold water!

It would be useful, if all members of this list could let me know if they
are being funded or not, and which hospital & PCT is involved. This would
help us to prepare our case to get insulin pumps funded now!

BTW. There are over 2500 pump users in the UK not 800 as DoH statement
states. 10% of these are children!

Please give us the information to be able to fight the cause.


John Davis

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