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[IPk] High BGs - what am I missing?

Hi all, I need some help!

Did a set & cartridge change yesterday morning. 2 hours later, BG was 4.5 - 
everything fine. However by the afternoon my BGs were 12 or 13 and it was 
taking a lot of bolusing to bring them down, and even then I only got them 
down to around 10. All I'd eaten was a Pepperami and a CapriSun and I know I 
didn't miscalculate my bolus for that!

Realised in the evening that there was an air bubble in the tubing, so primed 
that out and thought everything would be OK. But BGs still stubbornly around 
11-12 and infusion site feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway I did another change before going to bed (not something I'd usually do 
but this was an unusual situation). Woke up this morning with BG of 20 and 
another air bubble in my tubing! What's going on? What would be causing these 
air bubbles to develop? Should I change the insulin cartridge?

Now I'm just waiting for the huge bolus I took to kick in...

Many thanks for all your help,

Karen (D-Tron for almost 1 year, DM for 18 years)
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