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Re: [IPk] Re: Insulin dosage

Hi Louise,

it's great you have been able to regulate your bgs on Lantus "as well as" on 
a pump.  Did you you used to have the same basal throughout the day?


>From: "Louis Anson" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] Re: Insulin dosage
>Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 17:24:50 +0100
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>Hello all and Jackie and Sahsa,
>I began Lantus/Novorapid MDI in April this year, coming off the pump.  I 
>started with a dose of 24 units, and this has now dropped to 18 units, 
>taken at 10pm (2 hours before sleeping, so i can measure a stable BG before 
>going to sleep).
>My previous basal dose was 20 units Humalog on the pump, and before that, 
>36u Insulatard, which caused early morning hypos.
>Last week I used a Minimed Contiuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGMS) and the 
>results showed that I was going hypo during the night, remaining at 2.5 for 
>5 hours or so without waking!  This happened despite having a good BG on 
>going to sleep.  I have now reduced my dose from 22 to 18 units which has 
>corrected the problem.
>It can be difficult to calculate Lantus dose based on previous Insulatard 
>since they work in such different ways (mine used to cause night hypos), 
>though obviously providing a good starting base.
>It is interesting to that my basal dose is 18 units on Lantus, and was 
>20units of Humalog on the pump.  This shows that the pump provides no 
>better absoption if the injection technique is good with rotation of sites 
>Regards........ Louis
>IDDM 10 years, ex-Humalog pumper, now on Lantus/Novorapid
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