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Re: [IPk] Glucotrol

Dear Helen,

What you have come across is less gross ignorance and more gross negligence, 
I think. Susan Clark didn't do her research or check her facts and she wrote 
a very sloppy article with some mistakes that 15 minutes worth of WWW 
research could have avoided.

1. She confused Glucotrol (generic name glipizide) with Glucosol (herbal 

2. She got the name of the manufacturer wrong. Glucosol is made by the 
Allergy Research Group, not the Vitamin Research Group (which doesn't 
exist...but there is a company called Vitamin Research Products that makes 
nothing spelled or sounding like either Glucotrol or Glucosol).

I hope she gets a nasty letter from someone at Pfizer. I bet she's set 
herself up for a libel suit.

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
For the record....

>From the website of the pharmaceuticals firm Pfizer, which manufactures 
Glucotrol, the sulfonylurea used treat type 2:


'Glipizide is a whitish, odorless powder with a pKa of 5.9. It is insoluble 
in water and alcohols, but soluble in 0.1 N NaOH; it is freely soluble in 
dimethylformamide. GLUCOTROL XL . is a registered trademark for glipizide 
GITS. Glipizide GITS (Gastrointestinal Therapeutic System) is formulated as 
a once-a-day controlled release tablet for oral use and is designed to 
deliver 2.5, 5, or 10 mg of glipizide.
Inert ingredients in the 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg formulations are: 
polyethylene oxide, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, mag-nesium stearate, 
sodium chloride, red ferric oxide, cellulose acetate, polyethylene glycol, 
opadry blue (OY-LS-20921)(2.5 mg tablets), opadry white (YS-2-7063)(5 mg and 
10 mg tablet) and black ink (S-1-8106).'

>From the website of the Allergy Research Group, which manufacutures 
Glucosol, the herbal supplement:


'Each (1) softgel contains: Glucosol (from Lagerstroemia speciosa L., 1% 
Corosolic Acid)  24 mg
Other ingredients: Rice bran oil, silicon dioxide.'

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