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[IPk] Re: Insulin dosage

Hello all and Jackie and Sahsa,

I began Lantus/Novorapid MDI in April this year, coming off the pump.  I 
started with a dose of 24 units, and this has now dropped to 18 units, taken 
at 10pm (2 hours before sleeping, so i can measure a stable BG before going 
to sleep).

My previous basal dose was 20 units Humalog on the pump, and before that, 
36u Insulatard, which caused early morning hypos.

Last week I used a Minimed Contiuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGMS) and the 
results showed that I was going hypo during the night, remaining at 2.5 for 
5 hours or so without waking!  This happened despite having a good BG on 
going to sleep.  I have now reduced my dose from 22 to 18 units which has 
corrected the problem.

It can be difficult to calculate Lantus dose based on previous Insulatard 
since they work in such different ways (mine used to cause night hypos), 
though obviously providing a good starting base.

It is interesting to that my basal dose is 18 units on Lantus, and was 
20units of Humalog on the pump.  This shows that the pump provides no better 
absoption if the injection technique is good with rotation of sites 

Regards........ Louis

IDDM 10 years, ex-Humalog pumper, now on Lantus/Novorapid

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