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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #444 & Lantus and pump

Hi everyone and Jackie re Sasha,

Firstly lantus dose.  I changed to lantus about six months ago and together
with humalog boluses enables control to be managed much like pump management
but with the inconvenience of a set basal and lots of injections.  I went
from 18units insulatard  12am and 6 pm to 14units glargine am as I drop at
night when asleep.  I actually ended up on a much lower dose ie 7-9units to
cover the 24hours which was pretty effective, stopped night hypos.  Morning
Bg could be in 3's but felt okay. If I had a late pasta or basmati rice,
pizza etc. I would wake with bs 13 or so not easy to deal with as if one
upped the glargine to cover that, one would be hypo later in the day!!  I
found it much more predicatable and exercise easier but had to be careful to
cover any snack with a bolus.

Really exciting news, I've started the pump yesterday.  Already I think it
is wonderful.  NO trouble attaching, connecting, disconnecting, don't know
it's there  and I'm just getting to grips with dosage as I notice a real
difference in insulin sensitivity and I was already sensitive.  I can't
believe something like a 0.7 bolus for a slice of toast can have such effect
when before I would have had 1 - 2 units!!

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