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[IPk] Lantus ( working out how much you need)

 Sasha has been using Lantus for only 4 days and yesterday she spend 3 hours gym
training, We kept up her
 levels by sipping regular coke through out the session and having a snack. It
was also after lunch for
which we gave a reduced dose of NR.
 However last night she seems to have been dropping during the night although
her levels a little on the
 high side at one point, 12.6 mmol at 2.30am and we gave a correction dose of
half a unit. At 4.30 am
 she was 7.8 but by 8.00 she was only 3.5. I wouldn't normally expect for half a
unit to drop her that
 much. Sasha has only been using Lantus for 4 days the first two days seemed
more steady. I assume that
a new regimen takes a few days or more to stabilise anyway
 The extra exercise obviously throws things out a bit but she really wanted to
go to gym.

 I just wondered how long it took other users to get the Lantus dose correct and
how they did this.

 Sasha is taking the Lantus in the morning as she has no dawn rise and, if there
is a slight peak, as some
 people report, then it would be easier to deal with during the day when we
could reduce, say the
lunchtime dose of NR.

Any thoughts welcome.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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