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[IPk] D- UK

I'm sure there are lots of people who have similar views
Because they have been brought up with an inflexible schedule and basically no
life and told they must alwys have x to eat at y 0'clock, they have beome
indoctrinated. Change is often resisted isn't it (the saying " better the
devil you know"). Perhaps these people are scared of having to test or inject
more or belive their legs will instantaneously shrivel up and fall off if they
enjoy an ICE cream or eat dinner at 8 pm rather than 5 '30. In some ways I
have more respect for the person who has " rebelled" a bit ie had a life ,
even if their control was worse and they have developped some complications.
Heresy or what!
There was an article a few months back about a woman who had had D for years
and had gone from 2 injections pre day ( and 2-3 BG per week) to DAFNE. On the
one hand she insisted that she had neve let D stop her from living a normal
life but in the next sentence she was describing how she always had to stop
for meals at fixed times and was scared to travel in case a meal was delayed.
Sad or what!
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