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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #441

Hi Pam,

it's a book written by John Walsh, who has been pumping for about 20 years. 
It goes into all the detail with regards to setting and testing basals, 
bolusing, unused insulin rule, excarbs - couldn't be without it! b I got 
mine through Amazon.

Interesting what you say about being hospitalised for five days and then 
finding the basals were too high....makes me think the best way to get off 
to a good start is to try to set the basals to suit how you live your life 
most days (ie hopefully we are not stuck in hospital doing not very much too 
often!).  I was lucky though in that my basals seem to have been pretty 
right from the start....

Most of my teaching sessions I got when I did DAFNE - that was way before I 
knew I would be getting a pump though....


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>Dear Ingrid,
>       Could you tell me about your bible! Pumping Insulin.
>       Interesting to hear of your experiences. I live in France and went 
>hospital for 5 days in Febuary to be put on the pump. We had teaching
>sessions every day. It was very good except when I got home my dosages that
>had been
>adapted in hospital didn't work at all and I had  constant hypos. It's 
>now, but I put on half a stone because I had to eat so much and this I am
>finding very hard to lose again. So apart from that I love the pump and I 
>much more in control.
>regards Pam Vidal
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