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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #440 I need your help

Have tried sending you e-mail but your Hotmail inbox is full! I guess you 
need to pay the #19 Hotmail now charge for extra storeage!
Like Pat, I would be interested to hear if you are linking up with the work 
Prof. John Pickup at Guys has been doing.

On another topic, was interested to read about the experiences of the very 
new pumpers. When I got my first pump (1981) Dr Martin Wiseman at Guys 
(under Prof. Harry Keene) kept two of us on the Peter Bishop Metabolic Ward 
for 4 days while we learnt to live with the pump. He took us to the swimming 
pool and the pub to show us how to deal with real situations. This was at a 
time when the pump was part of a research project, but I do think you need 
some careful supervision when starting out. However, as I have said before, 
I would not be without my pump!

Ian Grant

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