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Re: [IPk] First two weeks of pumping....

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for sharing your "early day" experiences as a pumper. I will be
going on a pump at the end of this month (it's hard to think that, as July
has just arrived, it's now _this_ month and not _next_ month!) so your
e-mail was very useful and encouraging.

Out of interest, what do you do now that you didn't do that first day to
ensure that the cannula does go in to you?

Best wishes for the future,


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> Hello everybody
> hope you are all well.
> I used to be a member on here but took a break for a while, but now I am
> back....
> Two weeks ago I started on a pump, and I thought I would share with you my
> experiences.
> I had been thinking about pumping for a while (I reckon three years...)
> recently Peter and I had been thinking about starting a family and we
> realised the best thing for my health (and the baby's...) would be for me
> go on a pump.
> My clinic (at Kings') was very supportive, but it still took a while (I
> reckon just over a year).  I was switched from Ultratard to Insulatard,
> which helped for a while, but then I started to get erratic morning bgs
> I was hypoing alot mid-morning, but in the afternoon it was running
> out....Next step was to do DAFNE, which (before pumping!) was the single
> best thing I had done for my DM.  For the first time in my d-life, I
> feel guilty about eating "naughty" food, and I reckon my cravings for
> chocolates, sweets actually went down.
> Still however HbA1c not quite low enough (last one before pumping was
> so I saw a consultant at Kings' who agreed to "lend" me a pump till I have
> baby....
> Anyway, I started two weeks ago.  The first day DID NOT GO WELL!  I got
> pump in the afternoon, and on my way home I had a muffin.  It was very
> strange not injecting for it, I did bolus for it though.  When I got home
> took a reading and I was 26.6.  Now I have misjudged things before, but
> that badly.  Then I had dinner, took extra boluses, but before bed still
> over 20.  So I injected normally - I didn't want to go in DKA....next
> morning I woke up at 9.0, so presumed things were OK.  Had breakfast,
> bolused, but on my way to work I felt really sick and when I tested I was
> 26.  So something wasn't right....Anyway throughout the day I tested and
> injected, and when I got home I trouble-shooted - tested the pump - which
> was fine, so I finally realised the problem was with me.  So I changed my
> site, and I found that the cannula was bent over, and that it had never
> been in me....no wonder I was so high!
> So I changed site, and since then things have been hunky-dory.
> I have a lot more energy, I feel more alert and alive, my head is clearer,
> can exercise and not have bgs shoot all over the place, and after
> my morning basal for dawn phenomen, I have been waking up with "normal"
> bgs.....
> All in all, while I am not, in some respects I feel "non-diabetic".
> It is an amazing feeling, and I know that I still have a long way to go, I
> feel like it is a brilliant start, and I certainly wish I had done it
> sooner....
> Anyway sorry this is so long, but I thought there might be some people out
> there thinking about starting, and I thought I would share my experiences.
> Oops I almost forgot the best bit, I had my HbA1c done this morning, and
> was 6.5, after only 2 weeks down from 7.1%!!!!
> Talk later,
> Ingrid
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