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Re: [IPk] Going to a meeting about Lantus


I do hope that lantus will prove to be an option worth considering. In
Edinburgh they have been using it for 10 months and the DSN who put me onto
it said they have found it suits some people but not others. (I am one of
the "others" and am looking forward to going on a pump at the end of the
month.) There is clear evidence that it does _not_ always last 24 hours,
which what the big hype has been all about. In fact, the clinic reckons that
they can only guarantee it lasts for 22 hours, and can last for only 20

It is largely because of how long it lasts that the clinic has decided to
recommend that it is given in the evening. If you take it at breakfast time
and it comes up short, you have little insulin in your system to deal with
any early morning increases in blood glucose levels. They also feel that
having an evening injection is preferable for flexibility. If you have the
injection at breakfast time, it means no long lies at weekends.

You certainly do need to test regularly. This wasn't a problem for me
because I was testing frequently to get into the habit with a view to going
on to a pump anyway, but it might not suit everybody. And yes, it does take
a few days to settle down in your system.

I hope everything goes well,


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> Hi
>  I spoke to our DSN yesterday about Sasha's bad hypo and had a chat about
> Lantus. She said that they were
>  having a meeting about Lantus this afternoon at the clinic and has
invited me
> to go along and there will
>  be other parents there who have children who have been using Lantus for a
> while, all older than
>  Sasha though. She said that Lantus sounded a good idea for Sasha and even
> suggested that we take some to
>  try it!! I am sure it isn't that simple!! I don't know what Dr Ackroyd
> say?? He did think that we
>  could consider it, but that they had only just started using it then. We
> supposed to see him in a
>  couple of weeks but the appointment was cancelled and now we don't see
> until August. I presume the
>  DSN will have to get permission. Anyway, I had been hoping, that if we
> allowed to use Lantus that
>  we could do the switch during the summer hols. However I don't know how
easy or
> how long it takes to do
> the change and make the switch.  Any comments?
>  Could those of you using Lantus remind me again when you give the shot,
> or evening. I have read
>  different opinions about the best time. I suppose it might suit different
> people to use different times.
>  Do they still need a morning snack. Sasha would like one. She has
Novorapid at
> school if necessary.
>  How do you know when you have the levels of Lantus right? How do you know
> you need more short acting
> or more Lantus?
> Any comments or tips welcome
> Jackie Jacombs
> email @ redacted
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