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Re: [IPk] Going to a meeting about Lantus

hi jackie i changed to lantus last august and i find it  great compared to
insulatard that i was on, my gp who is a diabetes specialist registrar
changed me over and although i had no follow up appointment(bad system i
know!) i eventually got my dose right, the doc told me to take the same
amount of lantus as insulatard that i was taking but through trial and error
i worked out i needed about  6 units more and i had high night time sugars
for a week or more before  i got used to it, i take it at about 11pm and
that works well for me  it peaks early morning and it means i dont have to
have breakfast early if i dont want to as my sugars stay around 5-7 which is
great! you can take it morning if you like , you just have to work out what
works best for sasha, as long as she checks hers bgs a lot it shouldnt be
too difficult to change her over and it may work well for her.
 love gailxxxxxxxxxxx

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I started on lantus last September. Basically, I was just changed over after
talking it over with the consultant then with weekly appts with the DSN (I
some distance from the consultant clinic so it was easier to see my local
DSN).The DSN was always available on the telephone, too.
I was told to drop the dosage of the evening injection of lantus (given at
same time I used to give the humilin, before bed) then monitor carefully. I
also changed over to novorapid but have since changed this back to humalog
as it
didn't work very well for me. The lantus seemed to take a long time to get
settled in my system. It took about a week for it to have any effect at all.
That is, it seemed as though I wasn't taking any ninsulin at all except the
short acting. But I had been warened to expect this and it does settle.
You definitely need to have close contact and follow up with your clinic and
cons/DSN during the changeover. Do not let them just fob you off with
by a telephone call or single meeting.
I can say that the control is much better with the lantus than with the
previous regimen. As I say, in my case it's given the same way as the
regimen: One evening injection of lantus then MDI of humalog. You do need
close monitoring. Test test test! And you do need that follow up.
As i say, control has been better. But for me it's not perfect. But with the
NICE guidleines you have to have a trial of this before pumping will be
considered. It is worth a go.
I am now being considered for a pump as I still have hypos and still have
swings and roundabouts.
Hope this helps.
BW Helen
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