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Re: SV: [IPk] fast-acting insulins

Thanks for this Michael.  I'd not heard before that some people find
Novorapid faster than Humalog.  I have quite a slow response to Humalog
(as I do to Regular/Actrapid) - have you heard of people like me finding
Novorapid faster?  If you have, then I'll see if it is better for me,
too.  Sarah, the original poster, might like to try and see if she's a
'quicker with Novorapid' person, too.

Thinking of Sarah again: slow with stomach and some scarring, slow on
buttocks, I think you said?  Have you tried something faster than
buttocks, but no scarring, where you don't use sets (e.g. calves).

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 2+)

In message <email @ redacted>, Michael
<email @ redacted> writes
>> Sadly,  I've now been told by two Novorapid users that their DM
>> teams say that Novorapid is faster than Humalog (the manufacturers
>> claim it is as fast, I believe, and practice says 'as fast, or
>> perhaps a bit slower, but not as slow as Actrapid (Regular).
>> One of those two would benefit from a faster insulin, and asked
>> about Humalog, but was told it was no faster than Actrapid!
>> Best wishes to all,
>The action time of either of the insulin-analogs is somewhat 
>dependent on the user. There are varying reports from quite a few 
>people that indicate longer / shorter action times when switching 
>from one to the other as well as reports of no difference whatsoever. 
>A number of these reports are from individuals that have participated 
>in the trials for Novolog/Novorapid and are or were Humalog users and 
>I would consider their comments to be reliable and unbiased. As 
>always, YMMV.
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