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Re: [IPk] metres

>IPlasma calibrated as opposed to whole blood metres, I assume give a reading
>closer to the lab range. I suppose it doesn't matter which you use but be
>aware of this if changing metres as whole blood give lower readings

Just to clarify...

I believe plasma is the clear fluid in the blood that is left once you have
stripped out blood cells and things. Whole blood is the red stuff that
comes out of your finger. Plasma and whole blood, although being broadly
similar, do have different concentrations of glucose. I think you have to
increase the whole blood reading by 12% to get the equivalent plasma

Then the fun sets in... Johnson and Johnson brought out their lovely
OneTouch Ultra meter, and decided to set it so that it only gives you a
plasma reading (you still put in blood, but the output from the meter is
adjusted so it looks as if it's measuring the plasma in the blood). This is
plain stupid in my opinion. On my Bayer Esprit (whole blood reading) I go
mildly hypo at 3.9. But on my OneTouch Ultra (plasma), I go hypo at 4.4. So
when I write the numbers down in my book, I haven't got one set of figures
to hang on to. Stupid. But there we are.


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