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[IPk] Boulder the Beautiful

Dear All,

Well, I'm back (from a fantasy literature conference in Boulder,

BGs were ... interesting.  Thursday got up at 68 (bother, I am going to
have to translate all this out of American plasma ...) Ok, woke up a
smidgen below 4.  Spent the entire day, until going to bed in Colorado,
at between 5 and 7.5 (hey, maybe airline food _is_ 'the diabetic
diet'???), apart from one dip to 3.7 at Denver (7pm local time, that
would be 2am in Britain.  I had left my basals on UK until 5pm, and then
set them to mid-range (5 u/p/h).  Dropped to4/u/p/h after hypo, and
stayed in range until bed at 9pm.  

Woke at seven, at 10.  Went swimming.  12.  Walked for half an hour into
the centre of Boulder.  Shopped.  At eleven, 20.  Whaaattt???  Retest.
21.  OK.  No hyper symptoms.  No thirst, no desire to urinate (retreat
to lavatory, no ketones).  Monitor it dropping back down with the
correction bolus until 2pm.  Blame it on a too-low basal (still on a
temp basal of .4 - under half of what I need to cope with dawm
phenomenon), plus exercising with a high, plus a high protein breakfast
of 'Denver omelette' (with bacon and peppers), biscuits and gravy (bread
and white sauce based stuff).  Switch pump to local time. Eat lunch (a
'spicy icy latte'.  Iced coffee with nutmeg, cinnamon, and, I guess, 30g
of honey).
Three, feel knackered.  Well, it is bedtime in the UK.  Measure bg. 2.
Oh bugger.  Eat.  Still 2.  Eat more.  Still 3.  Eat more.  Still 3.  

Saturday was similar, but not as bad.

Coming back today, I simply switched to UK time when it started to get
light, was a little high at 2pm (12), and then a little low at five

I guess time-zone switching is something which every body does in its
own unique way.  I seem to just get triggered by daylight (if dawn
happens, so does the glucose dump and the insulin resistance).  Anyway,
I'm off to ConJose at the end of the month and can test this assumption!

AmericanAirlins, by the by, had really great food on the outward journey
- and adequate on the way back. And we hadn't realised (not having flown
intercontinental for ten years) that _everyone_ prebooks their seats
now, so we were separated. Queued up behind lots of other separated
couples, all fobbed off and told 'we'll do what we can'. I came up with
the line 'I have a medical condition which might, possibly, probably
not, but possibly, need attention during the flight - I'd appreciate it
if my husband could be sitting nearby to assist'.  Each time we were
seated together immediately.

Best wishes to all,

dm 30+, 508 1+, had pasta with a tomato and marscapone sauce for dinner,
and wondered where the beef was.

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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