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[IPk] metres

Hi Jackie
I was using a glucometer4:  clunky archaic looking thing. I suppose it was
gradually beginning to read a bit high so I could not sustain the improvement
I saw last summer ( May 2001: 7.6% but up to 8.1 last Jan, around the time I
thought I was getting a bit hypo unaware)
I now use pocket scan. When I first started using it I compared to my old
meter. Pocket scan would give a reading of 12 mmols where old metre was
reading 8. So yes this was obviously significant. I doubt that most peoples
metres loose accuracy to this extent and I assume most now have a control
solution available as mine does. Certainly worth using it and getting new
metre at the first sign of inaccuracy

IPlasma calibrated as opposed to whole blood metres, I assume give a reading
closer to the lab range. I suppose it doesn't matter which you use but be
aware of this if changing metres as whole blood give lower readings
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