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[IPk] the weather

I dont know if I am the only person experiencing a real drop in bgs in this 
heatwave. On Sunday I was working in the community and experiencing really 
LOW blood sugars all day. I hardly had to give any boluses and was 
struggling to keep my levels above 4, in fact they were mostly around 2-3!. 
Finally, having consumed 3 small bottles of lucozade,and 2 chocolate bars I  
really had to lower my basal rates(Much as I enjoyed the chocolate, am 
desperately trying to lose weight!!). They are better now ie around 4-6. I 
seem to remember something said last year about the weather affecting levels 
but I can't remember it being this dramatic. My cannula fell out as well the 
other night as it was so hot and sticky and that is the first time that has 
happened to me Carmel

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