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[IPk] High sugars in early morning and after set change


When trying to work out whether its the wrong amount for breakfast or 
whether you need to adjust your basal rates, try having breakfast an 
hour later or two, and watch your base rates closely. When you eliminate 
the impossible only the improbable remain!

I have found that I often mis-judge the amount of milk I put on my 
cereal, and since milk has a relatively fast acting sugar in it, this 
can cause high BGs.

When I change my cannula I usually give a bolus of 1.0 unit instead of 
0.5, this seems to prevent the slight high after the change.

As already mentioned, if your sugars are on the way up, its better to 
correct them and get them stable before disrupting your insulin supply. 
On the pump you've got no background insulin to stop your sugars going 
up too quickly, or to tide you over.

D-Tron 4months. Type 1 17yrs.
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