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Re: [IPk] funding


I know exactly how you feel.  I was told shortly after starting the pump 
that "The Diabetes Team has considerable Power to persuade the relevant 
authorities to consider funding"  My consultant & DSN wrote to the Primary 
CAre Trust and the Hospital trust and were turned down flat.
I was told not to give up and wrote to a few places myself with the 
asistance of letters of support from DSN.  That was a while ago and I've 
heard nothing since.  I think that pump therapy is relatively new down here 
and even the professionals didn't realise the political problems involved in 
getting funding. However I was given a few infusion sets by the DSN when 
cash was at a personal low.  Now I find that the Diabetes centre has a small 
stock of minimed pumps for patients use and not all are being used. 

>From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] funding
>Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 19:53:40 -0700
>I wonder how many have obtained funding with the help of a consultant 
>away from their local hospital. ie some distance away
>I wrote to my health authority recently ( we still have them in Wales) and
>they wrote back saying they had funded the initial cost of a pump and
>consumables for one patient(  3 months) and the hospital ( not my hospital,
>but one about 2 hours away) had agreed to pick up the long term costs as 
>of a continuing care package. As far as I am aware there is only one pumper 
>this hospital and I assume I would have more chance if I managed to get
>support from the consultant I see in Gloucester as they are , I suppose, a 
>pump centre"
>The locum consultant I see at my district general appears very positive 
>pumps ( although was not at all familiar with them until he met me) but I
>think he is leaving soon and the hospital might end up with someone else
>practising 1970s  diabetes care
>I'm starting to feel a little annoyed as I have had a run of needing to 
>cannulae 3 hours to 36 hours after insertion due to a variety of reasons
>including managing to catch them in my sleep. I've been giving out to 
>( to myself) that if HbA1c in clinic tomorrow isn't well below 8 % I'm 
>to go back to MDI
>( Don't think I'd really do this- memory is not really that poor!!)
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