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[IPk] Airline travel to the United States

I live in the US (Southern California to be exact) and I was looking through
the UK pumpers list and saw several posts about airline travel.  I'm sorry
to hear that some of you have had such a horrible time in your travels to
the US.  Some people on the US pumpers list have had a few delays getting
through airport security but nothing too bad.

If you do plan to fly here, the rules can be found at:

If you look about 2/3 of the way down the page, there is a section on
"Persons with Diabetes."  It says that "Insulin pumps and supplies must be
accompanied by insulin with professionally printed labels described above."
But since pumps and the supplies only come with invoices, I guess that would
be the only documentation that you could carry along - besides a letter from
your physician.  Have the insulin bottles in their original boxes with the
label from the pharmacy on it.

I've flown several times since September 11 and haven't had too much
trouble.  When I get to the security check-point and the under-paid,
under-educated security person asks me to remove my "pager," I simply reply
"It's not a pager, it's an insulin pump, I'm a diabetic."  When they ask if
I can remove it, I tell them "No, it's attached to my body" and show them
some of the tubing leading under my clothes.  They usually don't go any
further other than a visual inspection of the pump and waving a security
wand (I don't know what else to cal it) around me.

If you have any doubts, print out the full page from the website that I
listed above.  That is the law that the airport security is supposed to be
following.  The more informed that you are, the more likely I have found
airport security to back down and let you go on your way.  Whatever happens
- try not to let an airport security guard spoil your holiday. ;)

Happy flying to all.

Take care and be well,
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