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Re: [IPk] Re: We're new to all this...


As I read your great 'Welcome!' post, I was struck by the lines I have 
excerpted below this message. Just how 'hereditary' diabetes is is a big 
issue. Genetics can be really, really weird and rarely turns out to be as 
simple as something (twins, asthma, diabetes, or anything) skipping a 

Type 2 does appear to run in families, but so can the lifestyle-based risk 
factors for it (diet, exercise habits, etc., are often influenced by one's 
upbringing). Whether the genetics of type 2 can overrule a person's best 
efforts to avoid it, or if eating well and exercising can prevent the 
genetic predisposition from becoming a reality, are two questions currently 
being considered in studies.

The genetics of type 1 are still pretty mysterious. Type 1, as an autoimmune 
disorder, seems to come on when a person with some genetic predisposition to 
it encounters an environmental or viral 'trigger' factor. Fewer than 10% of 
people with type 1 have a near relative who also has it. Your family's 
incidence of diabetes is exceptional and atypical more than it 'proves 
[diabetes] is usually hereditary'.

best to you and Danielle,

IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6 years

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Our nana was diabetic too so it runs in the family which proves it is 
usually hereditary. They used to say that it missed a generation because my 
nana had it and her children didn't and then her childrens' children got it. 
  I don't think it misses a generation because I have it and my daughter has 
inherited it.

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