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[IPk] Re: We're new to all this...

Dear Lorraine

So glad you contacted this insulin pumpers group.  You are brand new to 
diabetes, I am aware of that so you are not going to want to learn about the 
pump just yet are you?  I am diabetic and have been for 29 years now and my 
daugher (aged 8) was diagnosed last August.  We are both insulin controlled 
and so is my brother, my sister, my auntie and my cousin.  Our nana was 
diabetic too so it runs in the family which proves it is usually hereditary.  
They used to say that it missed a generation because my nana had it and her 
children didn't and then her childrens' children got it.  I don't think it 
misses a generation because I have it and my daughter has inherited it.

We live very normal lives.  One of the things you have to be careful about is 
when the children are ill and not wanting to eat.  The books say that you 
should still give the same amount of insulin but some people have found that 
they need to reduce it.  Some people say that infections cause the blood 
sugars to rise but my daughter has got a really bad infection at the moment 
and her sugars have been normal, so always make up your own mind about these 

An insulin pump is a good idea for anybody who wishes to have the control 
back that they used to have before becoming diabetic.  I am sure if you have 
come this far, you will have read the information about pumps.  My daughter 
is about to go on a trial and she is really looking forward to it.  I am too. 
 The pump nurse said to her the other day "You can eat Mars Bars if you want 
when you are on the pump" and my daughter said "What are they?".

Anyway, keep in touch and you will find a wealth of information on anything 
you want to know and all the people on this list will help you with anything 
at all.

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