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Re: [IPk] airlines

Hello everyone

I have flown to a few places and had my supplies in my main luggage as well 
as in my hand luggage as back-up in case I lost my case.  I have only been 
searched a couple of times and each time, they have seen my medication and 
not even commented.  I have always expected them to, but they never have.  I 
think they see the pharmacy label stuck to it and see that my name 
corresponds with my passport and tickets and that is enough for them.  I have 
not flown since September 11th and I am flying to Portugal in 2 weeks but 
don't really expect to get any problems there.  Thing is, I will have my 
surgery's phone number and they can phone them if they like can't they?  If 
not, I might be one of those passengers who have been filmed on Airline.

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