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Re: [IPk] airlines

I would agree almost completely with Di about airport security. I fly fairly 
often and never declare any of my diabetes supplies or pump. The less 
security know about my supplies the better. I never volunteer this 
information. If my carryon bag is checked, I simply say that I have diabetes 
and require these supplies, but again I would only tell them this if asked. 
If I don't make a big issue about it, I have never had any problems. I don't 
even mention my pump if I have set the alarm off walking through the gate 
which doesn't happen very often. I wear the pump clipped to my belt and only 
if I am asked what it is will I tell them. I have never experienced a problem 
with it. If I was asked to remove it, which has never happened, I would be 
annoyed and would try and persuade them otherwise. But I wouldn't make a big 
fuss if they insisted.

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