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Re: [IPk] airlines

> The guidelines also make it very clear the standards of behaviour which
> are expected from security staff: e.g. they must not request that you
> must remove the pump.  They can request a visual and physical
> examination, but must offer to do this in a private area.  They must let
> you sit down if you want to.  They suggest that you alert them before
> they discover the pump, ask if you want to sit down, say if you are
> hypo, etc. etc.

You can insist on this if you want, but I'm in favour of making life easy for 
yourself, particularly if you have limited time!
If they ask you to take it off and put it through the Xray machine, then you 
might as well just comply rather than make a fuss. It doesn't hurt you or the 
pump to do that (assuming it's in an accessible place - always a good tip 
when travelling!) and it saves you a lot of hassle and arguing.

What I do is this. I carry a doctor's letter with me but have never been 
asked to show it - if I were asked I would of course show it to them.
I don't declare any sharp objects in my bag unless they search my bag and 
look at my needles and say "what's this?" - which they've only done once in 
Cairo 10 years ago when they emptied every single person's bag.
When I go through Xray I don't declare the pump. And I don't usually wear it 
conspicuously on the outside. If I set off the beeper (which occasionally 
happens) then I let them frisk me. If they find the pump I tell them what it 
is. If they ask me if I can remove it I say I can but I'd rather not because 
it's a medical device. If they *tell* me to remove it then I let them put it 
through the Xray machine (and make sure they put it in a container and are 
careful with it).

I fly abroad, including the US, roughly every couple of months, and have 
never had any problem with security with this attitude. In fact I've had more 
problems with my white stick and my laptop! They seemto be convinced that my 
laptop is a bomb and that my white stick contains either drugs or explosive 
devices inside :-)
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