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Re: [IPk] airlines

Don't worry Abigail, go to the US Department of Transport website.  They
have very full guidelines for travellers, which are clearly paralleled
by a handbook for security staff.

One of the problems faced by recent travellers is that independently
employed security guards are being transferred to the Federal agency,
and this appears to be p'ing some of them off a fair bit.

The guidelines say that supplies should have a pharmacy lable OR that
they should be in the manufacturer's packaging which must state what it
is for.  It's just your insulin (which you must have if you want to
carry sharps) that needs a pharmacy/dispensation label with your name on
it.  So no problem!

They say that you are allowed your normal hand baggage PLUS bags of
medical supplies.  Airlines, of course, may not have the same rules as

The guidelines also make it very clear the standards of behaviour which
are expected from security staff: e.g. they must not request that you
must remove the pump.  They can request a visual and physical
examination, but must offer to do this in a private area.  They must let
you sit down if you want to.  They suggest that you alert them before
they discover the pump, ask if you want to sit down, say if you are
hypo, etc. etc.  

It's very clear from the instructions that the guards themselves have
desk instructions which mirror the helpful hints for travellers (e.g.
alerting them to the possibility that a passenger carrying insulin may
be hypo, etc.  It's also clear that the intention is to get disabled
travellers through security with as little fuss as possible, because
security guards making innocent travellers lives difficult are
compromising security in a number of ways

Best wishes,

(off to America this morning!)

In message <001001c2327d$8abae480$email @ redacted>, Abigail King
<email @ redacted> writes
>I still believe that the reason you were given such a hard time was because
>the security people hadn't 2 braincells to rub together rather than because
>you weren't carrying a full box with a pharmacy label. If you took all of this
>they probably would have refused  to allow you to travel with such a large
>bag. Anyway they should have explained why they were concerned rather than
>treating you as a criminal
>Pump supplies don't usually have a pharmacy label on them as they are ordered
>directly from the manufacturers. And syringes usually come in huge boxes of
>100. So how do we get around this?
>I would now be extremely nervous if travelling to the US
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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