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[IPk] telling people you have DM

I think the worse your control is esp if with lots of hypos, the more
reluctant you will be to tell people ( well, I think this applies to me). When
I was having lots of problems I was embarassed by my lack of control and
undermined by a sense of failure in case I was judged as undisciplined,
lacking in moral fibre or stupid. Also, as a medical professional I was
worried that word would get around that I was having a lot of hypos and my
competance would be affected. So I just ignored the hypos til I felt really
unwell. Later I avoided them by being under insulinised . I got more open in A
and E and the people I was working with were supportive, they would fetch the
glucometer, offer to make sweetened drinks when I felt low It got better as I
adjusted to pump therapy. )One nurse who was known to be a bit of an awkward
personality asked me if 'I should be working while I was strugling with bad
control, whether this was out of concern for me or because she did not want
the doctor collapsing in her department- I suspect the latter...
I certainly feel more open about the whole thing now as I m usually quite well
controlled and don't feel embarassed by the occasional need to eat glucose or
give a bolus
I'm sure that a large proportion of the diabetic population do not admitt to
either having the condition or having problems due to the same fear of being
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