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[IPk] Sharps disposal/airline travel

I used to always get my sharps bin from my Mum (surgery nurse) until she
retired and now I get from my GP.  Interestingly I have been on fertility
treatment and at the beginning of each cycle they give you a sharps bin to
dispose of the needles you use.  So the treatment may not have worked but
boy do I have a lot of sharps bins!

With regard to airline travel - I tell them nothing!  To be honest like many
others I find that telling them anything just causes more problems than it
solves.  I have also been frisked and they have not found my pump, and I
also seem to have a knack of getting my bag searched and then I need to do
some explaining - but usually they are ok once I explain.

Bev - any time you are in Aberdeen and have a break and want to meet a
fellow pumper, let me know!  I work city centre but am mobile!

Audrey Sheal
IDDM (was I ever not?) 21 yrs +, 508 pumper 20 mnths +

Airlines - I have just got back in the office from a trip to
Aberdeen and a trip to Newcastle and am off to Florida in 1.5
weeks.  I never tell anyone I am diabetic and I have never
carried a doctor's note - stroppy again but also due to my
being a nervous flyer (being refused on a flight would be a
distinct bonus!). I always have a spare syringe in my hand
luggage and it has never been any problem through X-ray.  If
they see my pump they usually ask me to remove my pager!  I
explain that it is an insulin pump and they wave me through.
On my trip to Aberdeen I managed to set of the security alarm
and had to be frisked.  A little unfortunate as I was wearing
a dress and my pump was strapped to my leg on what looks like
a black garter only not so exiting!  As I was travelling with
my colleagues (all male) I was a little concerned at having
to show this to the security lady doing the frisking!
However I was frisked and she found nothing.  This was both a
relief and a worry!


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