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[IPk] Good news on Funding, HbA1C 6.5 and Aircraft Security

Hi everyone

Well first the good news:

My Health Authority has agreed to fund my consumables!!  I
saw John Pickup at Guys on Monday and he had received a
letter from them.  I now order from Medtronic who invoice
Guys who in turn invoice my Health Authority (Windsor and
Maidenhead Primary Care Group).  I would have thought
Medtronic invoicing Windsor and Maidenhead directly would be
more efficient but clearly I know nothing about local
government!!  Anyway I am really pleased - big kiss to John
Davis at Input for all his advice!  John Pickup said that
despite only having met me 3 times (Monday was my 4th
post-pump visit) the Health Service never stood a chance -
clearly being stroppy pays!  Anyway now that battle is over I
shall approach them for a years back-costs!

I also got my latest HbA1C - 6.5. This is up from my previous
two of 5.8 and 5.9 although given all the stress from the
Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, my pump failing, trying to
sell my house and working 12 hour days with 2 small children
I guess it will do.  My pre-pump HbA1c's were always around
6.5 and as I now achieve it without being unconscious half
the night there is still a clear improvement.  However I have
been a little lazy with the blood testing (only 2 or 3 a
day!) so I must try harder.

Airlines - I have just got back in the office from a trip to
Aberdeen and a trip to Newcastle and am off to Florida in 1.5
weeks.  I never tell anyone I am diabetic and I have never
carried a doctor's note - stroppy again but also due to my
being a nervous flyer (being refused on a flight would be a
distinct bonus!). I always have a spare syringe in my hand
luggage and it has never been any problem through X-ray.  If
they see my pump they usually ask me to remove my pager!  I
explain that it is an insulin pump and they wave me through.
On my trip to Aberdeen I managed to set of the security alarm
and had to be frisked.  A little unfortunate as I was wearing
a dress and my pump was strapped to my leg on what looks like
a black garter only not so exiting!  As I was travelling with
my colleagues (all male) I was a little concerned at having
to show this to the security lady doing the frisking!
However I was frisked and she found nothing.  This was both a
relief and a worry!


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