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RE: [IPk] Insulin Pump

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad to hear that it well, although I'm not surprised.

We had the same thoughts about Sam when he started (aged 7).  However,
once he got over the "this is a new toy, I need to try everything out"
phase, being able to do his own boluses has given him (and us) a great
deal of independence.  He does need supervision sometimes to make sure
he actually presses all the buttons, especially when the TV is on!  On
the whole he has been very sensible with it all.

I hope this is the start of a less stressful life for all of you.

Good luck for when you get started.


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Hello everyone

Yes, today was the day the Pump Nurse came from Minimed (Medtronic) and
was so great!  Danielle played around with the machine and the nurse was

happy that Danielle was articulate enough to be able to do everything
(just turned 8) but I was not too happy with that aspect of it.  I think
will take over until I feel she is old enough to understand what happens
she gives herself too much or her friends want a go at pressing it and
can happen when too much insulin goes in)

Danielle'e only concern was whether the needle was going to hurt or not.
has accepted one of the needles and now she can't wait to get the pump.

We are going on holiday on 10th August and return on 24th August.  I
have loads of emails to answer but hopefully I will then be able to
getting my diary together for all of you people who are wondering about 
whether the pump is for you or not.  

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