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Re: [IPk] Sharps Disposal

I have just got in contact with my local council (South Norfolk District Council)

I told them I took my sharps bin to my doctors and they refused it.

They asked if it was diabetics sharps, i said yes.

They took my address and phone number and are arranging for a private waste disposal company to collect my old bin and bring me a new shiney empty one.

If i was getting my car serviced then i'd think that's a fantastic door to door service. But it's not my car that's my council tax being wasted (IMHO) on a service that should be provided by my GP/Clinic.

grumble ... grumble ... some people are never happy. ;) the government can pay for my sharps bin to be collected but they don't want to pay for consumables . I wonder how much the call out costs.

ohwell . liam

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On 23/07/2002 at 16:14 John Neale wrote:

>>grrrrrr I want my sharps waste to be disposed of properly .
>I agree 100%, Liam. It's disgraceful in my opinion. Hospitals have very
>strict rules governing clinical waste. That's how disease is spread. When
>the waste is produced outside the hospital, but on the hospital's orders -
>which is pump therapy - I get the impression that they couldn't care less
>what we do with it. It's even worse when you have a young child in the home
>who will pick up anything he finds and put it in his mouth. Fresh blood on
>a testing strip, in the bin, next thing my son has retreived it and has it
>in his mouth. Am I getting overly anxious? A compromise I've reached is to
>put used strips straight into a Tic-Tac container. They are then contained.
>Every few weeks I empty that into the special bin with the rest of my
>diabetes waste.
>I bought one of those small plastic bins with a swing top for bathroom use.
>That sits on a high shelf in my home office. All my pump waste - packaging,
>infusion sets, tubing, reservoirs, blood test strips, needles, lancets, old
>insulin bottles etc - go in there. It takes about 12 months to fill, and I
>then take it down the road to my local chemist who will empty it into their
>own clinical waste bin. They do this because they like me on account of the
>trade I bring them. I've never worked it out, but their cut on 12 months of
>my supplies (2500 test strips, 150 infusion sets, 36 bottles of Humalog
>etc) will certainly fund their Christmas party. I could have my infusion
>sets and reservoirs delivered direct to my home, but invariably German Post
>will choose a moment when I'm not in, and I'll have to pick it up from the
>parcel depot which is miles away. Easier to let those nice girls at the
>chemist sort it all out for me...
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