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Re: [IPk] Sharps Disposal

>grrrrrr I want my sharps waste to be disposed of properly .

I agree 100%, Liam. It's disgraceful in my opinion. Hospitals have very
strict rules governing clinical waste. That's how disease is spread. When
the waste is produced outside the hospital, but on the hospital's orders -
which is pump therapy - I get the impression that they couldn't care less
what we do with it. It's even worse when you have a young child in the home
who will pick up anything he finds and put it in his mouth. Fresh blood on
a testing strip, in the bin, next thing my son has retreived it and has it
in his mouth. Am I getting overly anxious? A compromise I've reached is to
put used strips straight into a Tic-Tac container. They are then contained.
Every few weeks I empty that into the special bin with the rest of my
diabetes waste.

I bought one of those small plastic bins with a swing top for bathroom use.
That sits on a high shelf in my home office. All my pump waste - packaging,
infusion sets, tubing, reservoirs, blood test strips, needles, lancets, old
insulin bottles etc - go in there. It takes about 12 months to fill, and I
then take it down the road to my local chemist who will empty it into their
own clinical waste bin. They do this because they like me on account of the
trade I bring them. I've never worked it out, but their cut on 12 months of
my supplies (2500 test strips, 150 infusion sets, 36 bottles of Humalog
etc) will certainly fund their Christmas party. I could have my infusion
sets and reservoirs delivered direct to my home, but invariably German Post
will choose a moment when I'm not in, and I'll have to pick it up from the
parcel depot which is miles away. Easier to let those nice girls at the
chemist sort it all out for me...


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