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Re: [IPk] Bread and bolusing

If you put together your insulin sensitivity (mine is 1 unit per 2.5 mmol/L)
and your carb/insulin ratio (mine is 15g per 1 unit)
it tells me that 15g of glucose will raise my BG by 2.5 mmol/L.

In theory.

>2. (I shouldn't do this according to my DSN). If I have a hypo and
>really pig out I work out how much extra I've eaten, I usually need 10
>to 20g of carbo to come out of hypo, then give a sq wave bolus for the
>remainder over the next hour - this usually stops the rebound. But I'm
>still cautious as I know giving insulin when you're hypo can make things
>worse.  I know its not best practice but everyone must have gusled a
>whole bottle of lucozade/ eaten too much choc cake when hypo, then had
>the rebound?

Over treating the hypo, or has the body become desensitised to insulin to
protect itself during the hypo? Or a bit of both?


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